Enterprise Computing Solutions

Enterprise Computing Solutions

Comprehensive In-House IT Services

At Techrich, our commitment extends beyond merely offering a service. Our in-house team of seasoned software engineers, developers, and IT professionals, equipped with an in-depth understanding of diverse industry verticals, provide comprehensive IT services meticulously integrated with our secure, in-house hosting platform. Every solution we develop is specifically tailored to meet your business requirements, while simultaneously improving the efficiency and profitability of your operations.

For example, a multinational corporation in the eCommerce sector significantly improved its operational efficiency by utilizing our in-house IT services. We helped them automate their routine processes, securely migrate their data, and deploy AI-enabled tools for more accurate demand prediction. The result? Higher productivity, reduced overhead costs, and better customer satisfaction.

Bare Metal Servers

When it comes to delivering uncompromising performance and complete control, our Bare Metal Servers are second to none. Each of these high-performance servers is fortified with dedicated memory, CPU, and disk space, crafted to run your resource-intensive applications and workloads without a hitch. Our extensive knowledge in hardware-software interaction allows us to accurately design, deploy, and manage these servers.

One of our clients, a leading video streaming service provider, was grappling with increasing user demand. Our Bare Metal Servers were deployed to enhance their streaming capability, resulting in smoother, uninterrupted service and an appreciable increase in user retention.

Cloud Virtual Servers

Our Cloud Virtual Servers embody agility and scalability, fundamental attributes in the fast-paced world of digital business. These servers are part of Techrich's Super High-Performance Cloud Architecture and are designed to adjust seamlessly to your business needs. Our team's robust understanding of cloud technologies guarantees the smooth operation and maintenance of these servers.

A financial tech startup was struggling with managing their peak loads and fast data processing. By shifting to our Cloud Virtual Servers, they were able to efficiently handle peak loads without compromising their operational speed.

Massive Block Storage Servers

For businesses dealing with substantial data volumes, our Bare Metal Storage Servers offer a robust solution. These servers provide massive storage capacity along with the freedom to choose your preferred operating system for optimized data storage, access, and management. Our understanding of storage technologies ensures your data remains secure and readily available.

A research institute that required extensive data storage for their complex datasets used our Massive Block Storage Servers. The result was a flexible, secure, and scalable storage solution that easily accommodated their growing data requirements.

Docker - Store Images and Distribute

Techrich's Docker services open up the world of containerization, helping businesses enhance their development and deployment processes. With our Docker services, businesses can securely isolate and store Docker images in a private registry, streamlining the management and large-scale distribution of Docker images.

An edtech company that needed to quickly scale and deploy its microservices-based application turned to our Docker services. The result was a flexible, scalable, and reliable application that could be quickly updated or rolled back as required.

Kubernetes Service

Simplifying container orchestration is at the core of our Kubernetes services. This robust platform enables automation in deploying, scaling, and managing containerized applications, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and resilience.

A media company migrated its monolithic application to a microservices architecture using our Kubernetes Service. They experienced improved performance, scalability, and quicker time to market for their services.

OpenStack Certified Solutions

Techrich's OpenStack Certified Solutions empower businesses to leverage open-source cloud computing. This flexible platform allows businesses to deploy a variety of applications and services on top of their infrastructure, tailored specifically to their needs.

A software development company looking to deploy their new SaaS product across multiple regions used our OpenStack certified solutions. They achieved a cost-effective, scalable, and secure cloud environment that helped them to easily scale their services.

VMWare Datacenter Solutions

Harness the potential of vSphere through our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings. We configure ESXi hosts as per your need and then converge them into your SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) through vSphere/vCenter.

A large enterprise with data centers spread across the globe availed of our VMWare Datacenter Solutions. They successfully consolidated their resources, leading to improved efficiency and reduced operational costs.

Blockchain Solutions

Our Blockchain Solutions cater to businesses requiring blockchain for various applications. Whether for securing cryptocurrency transactions or for preserving the integrity of your private business transactions, we develop robust, immutable blockchain solutions.

A supply chain company implemented our blockchain solution to ensure traceability and authenticity in their product lifecycle. The result was enhanced transparency and trust among their consumers.

Proxmox Virtual Datacenter Cloud Infrastructure

Leverage Proxmox Virtual Environment, an open-source alternative to commercial virtualization products. This platform supports software-defined storage, networking, and high availability, and our expertise guarantees optimal utilization.

A healthcare provider used our Proxmox-based solution to create a highly available, secure, and compliant cloud infrastructure. This helped them achieve seamless patient data management and uninterrupted delivery of digital health services.

At Techrich, we are more than service providers. We bring a wealth of experience, deep technical know-how, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We aim to partner with you, leveraging the power of IT solutions to drive your business forward in this digital era. Trust us to apply our expertise and understanding to meet your IT needs.


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