Enterprise Computing Solutions

Comprehensive In-House IT Services

Techrich provides full-fledged IT services intended to be built around our in-house, secure hosting platform.

Bare Metal Servers

High-Performance Cloud Servers With Dedicated Memory, CPU and Disk.

Cloud Virtual Servers

Techrich's Super High Performance Cloud Architecture!

Massive Block Storage Servers

Choose our Bare Metal Storage Servers with an OS of your choice and massive amounts of storage!

Docker - Store Images and Distribute

Secure, Isolate and Store your Docker Images in your own private registry. Then distribute on a massive scale!

Kubernetes Service

Our VPN Service will secure and optimize your internet connection for Hong Kong, Mainland China and the rest of the world.

OpenStack Certified Solutions

OpenSource driven OpenStack is rapidly gaining adoption as it provides mission critical, world-class enterprise, Software Defined Computing Solutions based on KVM while allowing deployments of other applications and services on top of your OpenStack infrastructure!

VMWare Datacenter Solutions

Get the most out of vSphere through Techrich's IaaS offerings. We can configure as many ESXi hosts as you need and then converge them into your own SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) through vSphere/vCenter.

Blockchain Solutions

Whether you need blockchain for cryptocurrency or for your own private financial, medical or other business transactions we can create an immutable blockchain solution for your business.

Proxmox Virtual Datacenter Cloud Infrastructure

Proxmox is an OpenSource alternative to commercial Virtualization products that supports Software Defined Storage, Networking and High Availability. It is more flexible in many ways than commercial solutions and best of all has no licensing fees.


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